♥God inspired sayings and reminders that sustain us and help us to grow♥




The only time that change is bad is when God is not in it.  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


If you have God, you have love, for God is love...(I John 4: 7-8).  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


God loves to feel and to be needed by his children.  We can NEVER be too needy for him...for people, yes, but never for him.  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


Spend time with me (God).  Your mind will be free of worry, new opportunities will arise, guidance will come.  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON) REMINDERS FROM GOD 


Walk with HIM (God) and you will affect THEM (people)!!  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Apostle Reginald A. Carson


It would literally blow our minds to know EXACTLY how much we are on God's mind...  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


Seek God for HIS timing on when to do and say something.  Just because we FEEL like it's time, that doesn't mean that it is.  Flesh can lie to us, but God cannot.  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


We must give people the room to make mistakes, recognize those mistakes, get delivered, change, and to grow.  After all, isn't that what God does for us?  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


What does playing with fire and playing with sin have in common?  It's just a matter of time before both things burn the one that is doing the playing!  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


God is faithfulness personified!  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON) Dr. Christie


It's the enemy's job to tell us what we can't do.  It's OUR job to believe what God says we CAN do!!  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


When God looks at us, he sees us through and through.  Always be honest with him because, what we can get away with with man, we CANNOT get away with with HIM!!  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


Some things have been assigned to only be imparted in the presence of the Lord...SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


Since we know that God resists the proud, we MUST stay delivered from that spirit and remain humble at all costs...even when people, situations, and circumstances tempt us to do the exact opposite!!  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie

Humility is a forerunner to promotion and pride is a forerunner to a fall!!  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


In Christ, you have what it takes to weather any storm...always remember that.  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON)  Dr. Christie


Jesus is the best friend that anyone could ever have...  SELAH (PAUSE AND REFLECT UPON) Dr. Christie


Remember that your prayers are powerful and that they produce tremendous results in God! Dr. Christie


When it comes to sharing the truth of God's Word, refuse to be silenced! Be led of the Spirit and speak with boldness when He leads you to.  Your God given voice matters! Dr. Christie


If we are serious about change and growth, we must be doers of the Word of God and not hearers only.  Dr. Christie


No two people are made exactly the same way.  Embrace your God given individuality.  Dr. Christie


...Be strong and courageous!  Do not be afraid or discouraged.  For the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.  Joshua 1:9


It would literally amaze us if we knew just how much we are on God's mind.  His plans for us are wonderful! Dr. Christie


Criticism is just another way of patting ourselves on the back!  Bob Eubanks


In a cold hearted world, someone has to be warm hearted!  Author Unknown


People that we love and appreciate cannot automatically read our thoughts.  We should make it a point to tell them how much they mean to us and we should do it often.  Dr. Christie


It really is possible for people to change for the better.  Dr. Christie


Stay focused and keep moving forward in God, especially when the enemy gives you opposition!  Dr. Christie


True humility is staying teachable, regardless of how much you already know.  Unknown


Pray hardest when it is hardest to pray. Unknown


The devil tries to limit our prayers because he knows that our prayers limit him!  Unknown


How much do you love God?  Don't just tell Him...show Him.  Dr. Christie


Our strength lies in our intimacy with God.  Unknown


Man's rejection makes us appreciate God's acceptance even more! Dr. Christie


There's a difference between keeping it real and being rude. Dr. Christie


You can't have a positive life with a negative mind.  Unknown


Only what we do for and in Christ will bring LASTING PEACE! Dr. Christie


Time doesn't last forever.  Make it count.  Dr. Christie